We’re happy to unveil the video for the song “Rise of the Sontarans”, the 3rd and last single before the oncoming release of our new album “Tales: Of Humanity and Greed”

Thanks a lot to Toilet Ov Hell (https://toiletovhell.com/) for the video premiere with this great article with the full story behind the video, read it here:

The lyrics are about the Sontarans, a group of belligerant character which appears in Doctor Who TV program and looks like angry potatoes. So we imagined a concept which shows a funny representation of the Sontarans in a tribute video to Dr Who universe. This was a very nice experience and it’s the first time that the band plays on a video-clip.

This video vas directed by Vincent Tournaud (https://vincenttournaud.com/), many thanks to Vincent for his great enthusiasm professionalism!

The main acting has been done by our close friend Jeremy Siebert, infinite thanks to him for his work and for lending us his flat!

Listen to the song on major streaming platforms: https://backl.ink/131113897

Stay safe and take care everybody!